ECSDA Sports Day Team Building Activity

“When individuals with similar interests, attitudes, and tastes come together to work towards a common objective, a team is formed!”

– The motto of the ECSDA 2016 team building of ECSDA

The ECSDA team building sports day was hosted by Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, a city that straddles seven hills and a venue with spectacular views. With mixed teams divided into pink, green, yellow and blue with team shirts to match, the ECSDA Sports Day was a Co-operation Outcome based event for our group of highly talented individuals, who were all put to the test.
The Sports Day team building activities included various sports related team building exercises that were great fun for participants and spectators. Team building activities included games of Volleyball and Penalty shoot-out, won by the green and blue teams respectively. The more unusual team building activity sports were:

Marble Tube

Teams were required to transport marbles across a course without the marbles touching the floor or exposing them to daylight using only the piping provided. The marbles could not be thrown and team member could not move their feet if holding a marble in their tube.

Leaky Pipe

Team’s raced against the clock to try and retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. To do this they are provided with a bucket of water which is placed 10 metres away from the pipe and several cups. They had to work together to fill the pipe with water and collect the ball from the top of the pipe, the only way to transport the water being through the cups provided.
The Sports Day was a good way for ECSDA to bring together its members, and find hidden talents amongst us.